The administrative capital of Sri Lanka - Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. But few people can pronounce this name, so the unofficial capital became the city with  easier name. Worldwide Colombo recognized as the actual capital of Sri Lanka.

In fact, Colombo is the commercial and political center of the country. It is the largest city by area, by population, by the number of universities, supermarkets and car. Here you can find something that is not present in the rest of the island. For example, rare products, goods and services. In Sri Lanka hard to find shopping malls, beauty salons, restaurants with European food, medical centers and other places that we have in abundance, but in Colombo, you will find it all.


In Colombo, the largest transport interchange. All railway lines in the country starting at Colombo Fort - a central station of the island. The only place from where you can go in any direction - south, north and inland. Here you need to change trains if you transfer from the northern branch of the south, for example.

You can buy a train ticket in the 2nd and 3rd class on any station for any direction, but to date. And only in the Colombo Fort has a ticket office for pre-sale tickets. If you need to buy a ticket to the first class in any direction, it is also here. Here you need to get a ticket purchased over the Internet on trains «Expo Rail» and «Rajadhani Express» show the cashier the reservation number.

Near the railway station is the central bus station. And a little further another major bus station. Therefore, we must ask the locals on which one you will be able to find your bus.

Airport Colombo

Airport is actually located not in Colombo, although you fly a flight to your city - Colombo. The airport is 35 kilometers from the capital.  Therefore, if you are flying, not as a tourist but as a free traveler, and you are not waiting transfer to the hotel on arrival, then you do not need book accommodation in Colombo to have some rest after flight or before it. The closest city to the airport is Katunayake. It is a small town and there are lovely hostels for good price. For example, we liked Hostel First with a good location and service. Just 10-15 minutes from the airport (normal cost of going by tuk-tuk is 300 rupees).


Colombo house prices higher, but that does not mean that higher-quality housing. This is the capital. Therefore, more and more expensive. But of course, there is a greater variety of options for accommodation, especially luxury.

There are poor areas and neighborhoods with expensive villas. But all co-exist in perfect harmony, even creating a vivid contrast with each other. For example, near a luxury office building may be dumb basement eatery. And here can dine and managers in their expensive suits and hucksters from grocery shops. No bother.


Colombo - its like light version of Moscow. There is also simmering: wide avenues, skyscrapers, office, on the streets of noisy and crowded, endless traffic jams on the roads. I do not know, how about a night partying here, I'm not a fan of this. But most likely, in Sri Lanka, you can find some clubs, because many young people in the city, because here tend to move to live and work Lankan students. Living in Colombo, it is considered to be very cool and prestigious.

Ocean in Colombo

Colombo is located on the ocean. But if you think you can find a beach here, you're wrong. There is quay, rather large, but the ocean is fenced off by a high concrete wall. There is only one slope down to the water, but coming down the stairs, you find yourself immediately in-the water. And taking into account the height of the waves, in a moment you will be wet from head to toe. A lot of people and no pleasure from swimming.

Quay is not such as, for example, in the Crimea, it's just a roomy place with sand and concrete steps and all sit anywhere. Street vendors sell different things and snacks. Children play with kites. Nowhere to hide from the sun.

My impressions

The overall impression of the city - "I would not stay here." City great, nice, one trip is certainly worth. But too much of a fuss, but few of nature and exoticism. More and more similar to our city, which is not interesting. It should come mainly on business, to extend your visa or skimp souvenirs.

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The administrative capital of Sri Lanka - Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. But few people can pronounce this name, so the unofficial capital became the city with  easier name. Worldwide Colombo recognized as the actual capital of Sri Lanka. In…