After overcoming 3 hour trip from Nanu Oya, we came in a completely different world. Here was warm, we were surprised how easy and fast it is to get from one climate to another. Almoust the same mountains and greenery in Ella, but probably because of the warmth, the area seemed  welcoming and friendly. We wanted to walk a little more here and see the beauty.

I do not know why Ella and Nuwara Eliya are combined in a pair, and in the descriptions of tours they are sometimes indicated as similar places. It is totally different city! In all senses. Climate, architecture, people, sights. What unites them is only the presence of mountains and tea factories. The climate here is very comfortable. Temperature 24-30 degrees, not dry and not too wet. The architecture is simple. Usual mountain village. Very few hotels. Basically guesthouses. All sights near, located very compact compared to Nuwara Eliya.

After being settled in the guesthouse, we began to think, from what sights start to have time to see as much as possible.

In Ella a lot of interesting places as for a small village:

  • cave
  • ancient temple
  • Garden of spices
  • two waterfalls
  • Nine arch bridge
  • tea factories
  • Small Adam's Peak
  • Ella Rock.

We decided to go to the Ravana Waterfall  first. Before Sunset was about two hours and we had to make it. We went by bus (to Velavayya) from the center. Serpentine road ran along the edge of a cliff. Near the waterfall rogues waiting for us. They offered some stones allegedly as a gift, but of course we did not take them. Nevertheless, they got from us a couple of hryvnia, ostensibly for their collection)) What's the catch directly unclear, but it is still better to stay away from them and did not take anything for free.

Waterfall proved really beautiful. It began high up in the mountains and falling thresholds. Locals and tourists swam underneath, someone climbed higher. We took some photos and went back, because if we do not arrive before dark, it will be difficult to find our house)

And in the end we are left with only one day to inspect the rest of the sights. So by process of elimination, we have chosen the most interesting and accessible for inspection in a short time: Little Adam's Peak, 9 Arch Bridge and spice garden. Temples we've seen enough. The caves are not particularly attract, tea factories expensive and time-consuming. Later, we also excluded Garden of spices and preferred to once again visit Ravana Falls.

Small Adams Peak

Early in the morning we went to the Small Adams Peak. Climbing on it takes 1.5hour leisurely stroll through the picturesque alley and only closer to the top - the steps that are bit hard to rise. We were stopping to photograph every two meters, because there are stunning panorama! Sides of Small Adams Peak covered with tea plantations, which look like a curly green carpet. Beautiful flowering trees everywhere, mountains disappearing into the fog. Wonderful views of Ella Rock - rock higher (according to the descriptions on the Internet, climbing on it takes about 4-5 hours). Tourists were like a lot, but somehow it all spread out, that no one interfered each other.

9-Arch Bridge

From the foot of the Adams Peak is the path to a 9-arched bridge, across the mountains and a tea factory. Almost at the top of Adams Peak was a pointer to the cafe and the path down. But we ignored it, and if noticed and went for it, we would come out on the right road right up to the bridge, passing by tea factory, at the same time greatly reducing the journey. We wanted to take a picture as the train passes over the bridge, so hurry and it was a little disappointing that we spent too much time.

We opened a view of the bridge from above, from the mountains. It turns out that if you go from the city center, not from Adams Peak, you can go straight to the bridge.  This was not mentioned nowhere ... But I think that the view from above is even more interesting. Yes, and we liked the route. The funny thing is that we have come even before the train (it was very late), but we could not take a picture of it, because was far from place when heard it's approaching and the bridge was no longer visible.

After the bridge, went back into town for dinner.

The whole town is scattered in the mountains and along the roads, and the center consists of shops, hotels and small restaurants. There you can eat the same rice & curry just 2-3 times more expensive than even in the capital. And there's European food, such as pizza. But again, all at a price three times higher than normal. So we bought some snack at the supermarket. It is a nutritious option came up - a kurd with fruit.

Ravana Falls

After lunch we had time to go to the waterfall. Just in case I grabbed the jacket, because we went there closer to the evening. Waterfall is big, with a threshold. It's name  is Ravana, probably in honor of the ancient emperor of Lanka (mythical or real, it is not clear). The emperor had a stern character, maybe that's why the waterfall was given this name. During the rainy season it looks very impressive and powerful. But we do not see, because it was the dry season.

We wanted to climb up as far as possible). There are beautiful views and no people. We saw yesterday that the man somehow climbs upward. He did not look like spiderman, just a normal guy. That means that we will be able to climb too.

At first, it was easy. But at some point the rise seemed unreal, the stone becamealmost smooth, with no ledges to catch. Almost vertical climb. If you slip, the long ride down over rocks with little chance not to break head. But somehow, then I did not stop. It just needed to climb up! Ed miraculously climbed, and I could not. Helped a liana, which somehow lay at hand. Ed kept liana on top, and I climbed, leaning on hands and butt. As a result, we have conquered this height!

But when I looked down, I was seized by a real horror! Climb down back was pretty scary. Despite the panic, I still photographed, because not in vain it all)) Ed somehow did not panic, but my desperate assertion that idea was stupid, and I'm crazy, he did not deny))

It was getting dark :) We had to be determined immediately. Or climbe down, or to spend the night here with snakes, mosquitoes and monkeys. Realizing that nobody can help us, I collected will in a fist and we strated to climbe down. Everything was a blur ...))

In fact, it was much easier go down. And we still managed to swim under a waterfall on a step lower. It was a cool experience. I would even say extreme. As trophies got some great photos.

After sunset, we returned to our room and had been preparing for tomorrow's trip to Yala.

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