It all started with a lantern on the porch. Although everything was understandable, there was a sensor that turns the light on when someone is within range.
Why am I talking about it?
- Because when I came, it was turned off.
True - not always, but sometimes it turned on ... rarely, mostly turned off. Draws attention, even briefly watched - it turns on when others reach the radius of a sensor . When I - it is usually turned off.

From machines that stand at the entrance, often poured off gasoline, so the sensor was removed and the lamp is turned on constantly. But ..

But there is another lantern! On the parallel street, but not at the entrance, and on lampposts along the sidewalk. There's a lot of lights, surprisingly all of them work. I suppose do not need to explain that there can not be any sensors. So one lantern on a lampposts, only one of the many lampposts along this sidewalk, turned off when I pass by.
I often walk down that road, 2-3 times a week. Lantern off each time, always, consistently, without exception.

I watched many times. I stood back and waited. By this lantern passed dozens of people, including similar with me physique and dress of the same color - and nothing! Lantern works. When I going through - it turns off ... It turns on just 30-60 seconds after that. Other people pass, and lantern works.

P.S. Lantern at the entrance amused me almost a year. Lantern on the post for about six months, at least as I'm watching it.

Somebody faced with something similar?

UPD: Recently I moved to the Alekseevka. And now I have one lantern, which is switched off when I walk or drive past it .. :)

Some time on my old site have a lot of comments on the subject (in the Russian version), publish them in this post for the story (in raw automatic translation). New comments is welcomed;)

Sergey · 03/06/2011 @ 19:07
Hello similar situation, not only one lamp, but many are turned off, or vice versa are included, often off! At first did not attach importance to it, and then began to notice, and again today bam!
Why is everything!
If anything. write here are my mail

Volkov · 6-03-2011 @ 21:39 EET
Today I received a letter from a person with the same situation (his comments above, approved after this writing). It turns out we are many. Here are the links that kindly shared his new friend,
But the explanation is nowhere yet ... Search Continues))

xeoneon · 15-04-2011 @ 18:01
I am also a slider and not once noticed this when I get excited and go on some streets of the city some lights go out, until I did not pass, and then light up again. People are so scared. And little wonder. My mail

Volkov · 29-05-2011 @ 16:08 

123 · 13-10-2011 @ 12:00
Slider (Eng. SLIder from «street light interference», «interference in street lighting") - a person with unexplained ability to influence the electrical (eg off / turn on the lamp on the approach).

Ivan Arnoldovich · 29-10-2011 @ 12:40

Kate · 7-11-2011 @ 23:12 
Haha)) constantly happened to me similar) once I one went late evening on the bus-stop, round anybody. When I approached all lamps turned off and only on that party to the street where I was, on the opposite side lamps burned. Well and on one lamp are switched off constantly. sometimes horribly happens)

Dima · 15-11-2011 @ 22:51
I have the same thing happens! Explain what's going on!

Dmitry · 11.01-2012 @ 6:14
This is happening to me 10 years, at least as I remember

456 · 21-05-2012 @ 13:41 
This high pressure sodium lamps (HPS or NLVD) .If they begin burnout switched on / off (in the jargon of electrical cycles). So there is no mystery)))))))

Volkov · 21-05-2012 @ 13:54 
I am inclined to scientific explanation. But nevertheless, why is this happening at the moment of approaching certain people. Not just not with anyone, not nearly, as precisely and always?

Xenia · 13.08-2012 @ 15:39
Oh my God! I'm so happy that I'm not the only one !!!))) And then I began to think that I have the roof goes slowly !!!!

Nadezhda · 07/11/2012 @ 22:57
I also saw this for themselves, lights on or off, or turn on one the same Moreover, and this is what that is, unclean, I am also not alone. Already wondering why this is happening?

Guest · 13.09-2013 @ 23:21
Gentlemen, calm down. No mystery there is not, but like everywhere else. This happens not only in front of you, so do not need to consider themselves "chosen", "slider", etc., And with all people. And paranoia can grow. Just some of you pointed out, and "fixated" on this simple properties of high-pressure lamps and raised a whole "bunch" of speculation. A bunch, as you know, is small, but smelly. That's nothing tricky here is not happening. At the end of the life of discharge lamps DRL, DRI, DNAT, they often start "cycle." Cycle time depends on many factors. Everything else is a funny coincidence. It is for this reason that you can not stand for long around the corner, but jumped immediately see the turn off the lamp. If anyone is interested, as it is technically, everything can be found easily on the Internet.
What is surprising is that, instead of what would have to find the right type at least "why cycled light," people are starting to consider himself endowed with special properties, which no one has.
Indeed, the minds of the human rights of prejudices.

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