Residents of the district Alexeevka certainly known beach outside the ring road. As for me, the place is completely unsuitable for recreation, actually like all similar in Kharkov. But in hot weather to sunbathe, swim and catch fish people going there very often. Perhaps because the pond itself is pretty big, clean and beautiful. We decided to examine it in more detail and set off on bicycles.

The idea, to capture what he saw did not appear at once, so the first photos of this review, a photo of the unsightly beach, taken from Google. Then a lot of pictures and very short story about what else besides this "beach" can be seen and what is not seen on Lozoven'kovskoe reservoir.

We started biking around with the ring road towards METRO (or Magellan). After passing the gate, we were soon on the beach.

About the fence
Looking at the map, you will see a pretty big water space, but most of it is completely fenced. In particular the entire southern and western shore. What it is there is not known, but it seems "modest home" of the powerful. And there the hotel "Baden-Baden".The perimeter is surrounded by a solid fence, it has been tested in the previous cycling. So what's behind it could only partially see from the opposite shore.

View larger map

Having gone round modest houses of local residents, some vip-houses and another big fence we got to the open coast. Unfortunately, I did not take a camera, so do not immediately began photographing. After spending some time near the water, it was decided to go ahead and get around the perimeter of the reservoir. At the same time we find out whether it is possible to get here by car. The fact that this possibility exists it clear in the wake of the machines. But where you can enter here - is not clear. From the "Chaykovka" it was not possible - there is no direct road, and possibly bypass blocked by a barrier (VIP do not like outsiders). By the way, here, not far from the coast, it launched a massive building mostly luxury homes. Well, okay, let's go ahead and finally I think of the mobile phone where there is the camera, and now start taking pictures.

Occasionally there are campers and fishermen. Luckily there is not a lot of people.

Kharkov is near, and you can see the houses located on Architektorov str and prosp Ludvika Svobody. And as mentioned above, the hotel "Baden-Baden".

Many beautiful approaches to the water. Someone swims on a kayak.

There are not many people, but many of garbage from these few

Soon it will be possible to collect strawberries, a lot of it.

Luxurious building gradually replaced by more modest suburban area with houses, many of which are also still under construction.

And now we have reached the eastern edge of the reservoir. The path turns left to the asphalt road leading to the village.

At the crossroads of our eyes opened a beautiful view of the hilly meadow, where we followed.

Shoot panoramas on the phone, it is certainly a perversion, but it is here (click on the picture).

Back on the road traveled to the village of Cherkasy Lozovaya. We passed the bridge and headed towards the ring road, it is now certain that the car can come here. Overcoming significant upturn, we are already seeing the ring road. To the left of the road, if you look in the direction of the village, a large area with an active construction of expesive houses, on the right - a view of the village.

The length of the route was about 16 km

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