After a walk in the rain for Nuwara Eliya sightseeing, we returned to the damp cold room and warming up with hot tea and ate Noodles, cooked in a glass cool&. We moved beds together, have taken cover by all that was found and slept under the clatter of our own teeth)

In the morning cheered up with ice water, as hot, of course, did not work, ate a Kurd with dates and a giant banana. We packed very quickly things and ran, dodging the rain, to the bus station.

The only desire was - quickly go where warmer. Fortunately, in Sri Lanka it is possible. After traveling a few hours by train - arrived in the summer. Amazing country)

We went to the train station to 9-00. In the morning slow train goes only. It goes much as 4 hours. While the express goes only 2 hours and 30 mins. But to admire one of the most beautiful routes in the world, a slow train - what is needed. Unfortunately, it turned out that this train had wagons only 3 class. So presumably will go standing and fun, and not the fact that will be able to see the views from the windows. More depressing lack of WC in the 3rd class.

As a result, slow-train lived up to his name and was late for 45 minutes. When we saw it, we felt the bright prospects, and decided that we will go later, but by express. There was only three wagons for people.  Given the number of Chinese people on the platform, we realized that even if everyone will fit, they will periodically fall out of the train on the turns)) And another hilarious moment - in front of passenger wagons were hooked two cylindrical, with label "Danger!" surprise

The regrettable fact - rail route from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, pathetically named one of the most beautiful in the world, in fact, inferior to our previous route from Gampola to Nuwara Eliya. Nothing extraordinary from the windows we did not see. Besides bothered no seats, screaming Chinese, closed windows and constantly loaded new portions of the people at each station. We counted the minutes))) (actually it was not so bad, but it would be much nicer to go sitting by the window)

About Chinese obliged to say a few words, because it is a unique nation. The day before yesterday, they began to annoy me a little, and yesterday at the sight of them had already started twitching eye. Joking devil In fact, a great people, because:

1. Chinese - sociable.

These people have always migrated in groups. They are very loud, the impression that the hard of hearing. At a distance of a meter from one another shout as if they are on the other side of the street. They communicate almost without interruption, as well as doing something in their phones in the same time.

2. Chinese - motivated.

One woman bought a ticket with reserved seats, but entered the wrong wagon. People who can read carefully unsuccessfully tried to explain it to her. She screamed as a victim, demanded to show tickets with seat numbers, and do not care, that it's the wagon, where the seats are not reserved. After 15 minutes of discussion, she kicked the poor man from his seat and sat down.

3. Chinese - tireless.

Almost all were very restless, constantly walking back and forth on the wagon to take a picture. Pops out from the windows almost completely. But, fortunately, did not drop out.

4. Chinese love themselves.

They have an unhealthy obsession to do selfie. Photographed myself continually, at each change of the background and in every situation. They seem crazy about their chinese beauty. I saw a girl that goes with selfie-stick out of the station toilet O_o.

5. They have a superpowers.

Fortunately, they quickly dissolve in a spacious area. And at the station, they quickly disappeared.

Hello, Ella!

In Ella we arrived at the beginning of the 4th. There were already familiar warmth. We took extra t-shirt  and went to get used to the terrain. The station is beautiful, in the mountains and greenery. Behind station even more beautiful views. I liked this place more than Nuwara Eliya.

While we watched map minivan stopped near a and trendy guy with dreadlocks suggested us to show accommodation. We realized that offering something expensive, but we were tired and we needed accommodation, and there were many tourists, allegedly for an amount greater than the houses in the village. And we agreed to go with him.

The normal house, a normal room with a private bathroom, hot water. $ 20. Expensive for us, but cheaper than at So, we stayed.

This is homestay. That is, there lives Lankan family and rents vacant rooms. House perfectly located, near the center. Tea garden behind the fence. Later we found out that higher in the mountains, you can rent a room for $ 10. Oh well, but we had comfortable place.

First we went to the Ravana Falls. It is a 20-minute away by bus on the mountain serpentine. Waterfall beautiful and huge. But, unfortunately, could not take a picture with normal faces. We were tired and as it turned out, I had a fever. Therefore, all the main adventure was postponed to the next day.

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