After climbing mountains, closer to the night, friend of our friend Manju - Danushka come and took us to his home at Gampola. From Gampola next day we will go by train to Nuwara Eliya. Technically, the train goes to Nanu Oya and from there 20 minutes by bus to the Nuwara Eliya. On the way, we learned that Danushka is a photographer and a very cheerful, pleasant and hospitable man. He took us to his house to spend the night, gave us a separate room, offered tea and snacks all the time asking if we need anything else. Also he said that in the morning will cook some breakfast for us. Although we will have to leave very early.

To Nuwara Eliya by train

At 7 am Danushka really cooked for us a delicious breakfast. Pancakes, syrup, butter, coffee, candy. And more - he gave us food for the journey! We took pictures together and went to the station in a good mood. There were no signs of trouble …

The train to Nanu Oya was little late, if not a local guy, the journey would have been “fun”. We wanted to take a train that arrived on our schedule. But the guy explained in detail that we need to go in another direction. Who would have guessed, when there is only one platform?))

Then it turned out that I was given tickets to the second class, and not in the third, as we planned. Its ok, we was naive to think: “We will go as a white people”. But as it turned out, all the seats were already occupied, the conditions in the bus: the first one is sitting. And we need to go more than three hours. We decided that it is hardly anyone will go before the Nuwara Eliya, and sat on the floor near the open door. This is normal, everyone here is doing it. Train is clean and good to see everything from the doorway, can take a photo.

Due to the picturesque landscape time passed quickly. And about half way there were empty seats. We took pictures incessantly, because the view was incredible. And we were unable to capture all. The train was going fast, the camera is slow)

Getting colder each new station …

Nanu Oya met us with rain and frost. As it turned out, it was only 17 degrees, but feels like zero. We put on more shirts and pants, and went looking for a place to spend the night.

In Nanu Oya found nothing and went to Nuwara Eliya by bus. It took 20 minutes. We rented a room into the first hotel near the bus station. There was not enough time to look for something good. And we froze, dreaming rather somewhere to dry and warm up. Normal room - 2000 rupees - explained the reception boy. And it's $ 15 cheaper than at! And there is even a water heater (which later stopped working))

Climate, housing, food in Nuwara Eliya

After being accommodated, at first we satisfied hunger by the meat curry in the nearest cafe. Really among rice met pieces of sacred indian beef! (spiritual vegetarians close your eyes) That is very pleased and gave cheerfulness and optimism. Been reinforced, we went for a walk to finally see firsthand all the city praised for an amazingly beautiful combination of nature and architecture. City, that visits most tourists and that the British love up to tears, because the local climate reminded them of their homeland.

The first interesting place that has attracted our attention - a little shop with jackets and all sorts of clothes, piled in a heap. We bought raincoats, because the weather like in England. Continuously drizzling rain.

Next we walked through the market and Bus Station.Near Bus Station going crazy action. Barkers yelling, beggars pull out their miserable hands. People scurrying, music screaming. On the market the same. They want to sell for you blankets, hat or some souvenirs. And at highly inflated prices. Hat with a blanket would have been very useful, but it is too expensive here. (and at home I hardly going to wear these things)

After the market become quieter. Lankan usual rhythm of life. The same Lankans only in caps and jackets (with bare feet).

Architecture - the main attraction of the city (not counting the climate, of course)

We walked around the city center, photographed beautiful houses and still have time before sunset to go to the lake, which is described on the Internet, much like the Loch Ness in the Scottish. While we were walking, admiring the mountains, drowning in the tops of the clouds. Indeed, the nature here is very beautiful. It looks like the Carpathians, but green all year round. We have seen grazing horses, and small streams. In some places there are pine. Very nice)

The architecture of the English style, and colored, cute. We passed a wonderful park, which is in list of popular destinations, but the entrance there is 400 rupees per person. As the two dinners. So we decided that it was better to have lunch, but flowers and trees we can see in the free places)))

Gregory Lake

Lake turned out so-so,  nothing special. Near a lake park with benches made of concrete. (Obviously a man with a sense of humor put concrete benches for this climate, no one has ever sat on them). When we came to the lake, sun was setting and ran rain.

We've had a lot of plans about this city. But the rain and cold completely eliminated our enthusiasm to continue the journey on the mountainous terrain, climb on Adams Peak, visiting tea plantations, and to seek, where to buy tea. And we decided not to stay for one more day, and next go not to Ella but directly to Yala, to the sun and the ocean.

After sunset we got to room and have been preparing supper, at the same time learning in the internet about Ella. As it turned out, in Ella it is not so cold weather like in Nuwara Eliya.+29 day time. Landscapes are not worse, and waterfalls, and a mini-peak Adam there.

So, having gone through the frosty night under two blankets, tomorrow we'll go by one of the world's most beautiful routes, to Ella.

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Morning in Nuwara Elya
Train Station Nanu Oya

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