To Istanbul we went spontaneously, with a friend. We wanted to see what good we can buy for our online store. Bought hookahs, tobacco and jewelry from Osmanli Taki.
We saw very little because the trip was really working, and most of the time we spent at the Grand Bazaar. But to explore the city itself, or rather its central part, the Bosphorus and some of the sights we were still able.

Стамбул, Турция

We flew from Kharkov by Boeing 737 of Pegasus Airlines, quickly and comfortably. And the way back was more interesting - we flew to Kharkov, but because of the fog could not sit down. Flew back. A bit of confusion and waiting at the airport and we were sent to the hotel, because the next flight should be only on the next day (it was late in the evening).
We settled into a luxury hotel with a complimentary breakfast, we were very surprised. Not expecting such an attitude to customers from budget airlines. So I recommend flying by Pegasus AirlinesГостиница Miracle Asia Airport Hotel At the hotel we were able to sleep well, take a shower and delicious breakfast. So even prolonged flight to home was remembered from more positive side.

​About Istanbul I am not going to tell. Too much can be told, and I know too little. So just a few photos with comments.
Автобусы в СтамбулеBuses in Istanbul or Mercedes, or locally produced (although not certain), but also of decent quality. All with automatic transmission, soft and quiet.

Shopping centers are huge, bright and modern.

And there's a lot of skyscrapers

But even more buildings of historical significance

Bosphorus is delightful!

And also here you can eat delicious food.

And one of those nice lanterns I brought with me

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