Project Overview: Tourist and Expat Classifieds Platform


Establish a classifieds platform catered towards tourists and expats that can be quickly deployed in any country, acting as a bridge between local service providers and tourists. This platform will also serve as an information hub for travelers.


  1. Quick Deployment: Ability to swiftly launch in any country with an independent service.
  2. Multilanguage Support: Ensure user-friendliness by offering multiple languages.
  3. Diverse Ad Types: Ads can be of offers, requests, or informational announcements for events/activities.
  4. User-generated Feedback: Users can rate and review ads.
  5. Structured Browsing: Ads will be categorized by type and location.
  6. Traveler Resources: Platform will host useful materials for tourists. Plus, visitors can contribute content.
  7. Monetization Plan: Introduced once significant traffic is attained, mainly through paid promotional features and collaborations with major service providers.
  8. Environmental and Social Mission: Focus on promoting smart consumption to better the environment and bridge economic and social divides.

Current State:

  • MVP has been launched in three countries: Sri Lanka, Bali, Mauritius.
  • Basic web functionality has been achieved.

Development Roadmap:

  1. Ad Expiry: Implement expiration dates for ads.
  2. Geolocation Feature: Introduce geopositioning with maps for ads.
  3. Automatic Translation: Facilitate translations of ads to engage a wider audience.
  4. Mobile Application: Expand the platform's reach and user-friendliness.
  5. Bonus System: Reward users for contributing content, reviews, and testimonials.
  6. Service Provider Integration: Allow service providers to offer discounts using the bonus system.
  7. Single Sign-On: One account access for all platform-launched sites.
  8. Monetization Mechanics: Strategies to generate revenue once sufficient traction is achieved.


To be the leading classifieds platform for tourists and expats, providing seamless interactions between tourists and local service providers while championing smart consumption for a sustainable future.

Download presentation (pdf, 587Kb)

Dear Potential Investors and Partners,

We are excited to present a pioneering venture that's set to transform global tourism by seamlessly connecting travelers with local services. With proven MVPs in strategic locations and a vision poised for scalability, we believe this is the future of travel and expat engagement. If our project resonates with your aspirations and you see the vast potential as we do, we would be thrilled to discuss partnership and investment opportunities. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in being part of this transformative journey.

Warm regards, CEO, Eduard Volkov
WhatsApp: +380504713695