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The beginning of the year sets the tone of its run - everybody say so in Russia, but hardly anyone takes it 100% seriously. But maybe there is some sence. And this year I can easily find this out.

This year started for me in unusual way, although I spent this time at home. But for Ed, it was the most unusual New Years Eve! He spent it at a luxury beach in Hikkaduwa, which is on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.

The administrative capital of Sri Lanka - Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. But few people can pronounce this name, so the unofficial capital became the city with  easier name. Worldwide Colombo recognized as the actual capital of Sri Lanka.

In fact, Colombo is the commercial and political center of the country. It is the largest city by area, by population, by the number of universities, supermarkets and car. Here you can find something that is not present in the rest of the island. For example, rare products, goods and services.

After overcoming 3 hour trip from Nanu Oya, we came in a completely different world. Here was warm, we were surprised how easy and fast it is to get from one climate to another. Almoust the same mountains and greenery in Ella, but probably because of the warmth, the area seemed  welcoming and friendly. We wanted to walk a little more here and see the beauty.
After being settled in the guesthouse, we began to think, from what sights start to have time to see as much as possible.

After a walk in the rain for Nuwara Eliya sightseeing, we returned to the damp cold room and warming up with hot tea and ate Noodles, cooked in a glass. We moved beds together, have taken cover by all that was found and slept under the clatter of our own teeth)

In the morning cheered up with ice water, as hot, of course, did not work, ate a Kurd with dates and a giant banana. We packed very quickly things and ran, dodging the rain, to the bus station.

The only desire was - quickly go where warmer.

After climbing mountains, closer to the night, friend of our friend Manju - Danushka come and took us to his home at Gampola. From Gampola next day we will go by train to Nuwara Eliya. Technically, the train goes to Nanu Oya and from there 20 minutes by bus to the Nuwara Eliya. On the way, we learned that Danushka is a photographer and a very cheerful, pleasant and hospitable man. He took us to his house to spend the night, gave us a separate room, offered tea and snacks all the time asking if we need anything else. Also he said that in the morning will cook some breakfast for us. Although we will have to leave very early.