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I wonder what will be the results of this "honest" government ...
For now, complete ass. My income in dollar equivalent decreased by more than 2 times.

The breakthrough in the rating provided the tax reform of 2013.
Ukraine made a breakthrough in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business-2015 due to tax reform implemented in Ukraine in 2013, the newspaper Capital.

Residents of the district Alexeevka certainly known beach outside the ring road. As for me, the place is completely unsuitable for recreation, actually like all similar in Kharkov. But in hot weather to sunbathe, swim and catch fish people going there very often. Perhaps because the pond itself is pretty big, clean and beautiful. We decided to examine it in more detail and set off on bicycles.

The idea, to capture what he saw did not appear at once, so the first photos of this review, a photo of the unsightly beach, taken from Google. Then a lot of pictures and very short story about what else besides this "beach" can be seen and what is not seen on Lozoven'kovskoe reservoir.

Winter trip to the Stariy Saltov, that near Kharkov - a few photos from my phone. First time in the ice hole after a bath - delightful experience)

Sevastopol - the city of my childhood years, as well as Odessa. Every summer, from birth to the university for 1-2 weeks we traveled either Sevastopol or Odessa, or sometimes both. There are no good pictures this time, because I did not take a camera, but I think not the last time there.