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For me one of the main purpose (after travel) - moving to live in warm country. Caribbean countries, Thailand, Sri Lanka or like this - its the dream that became the goal. Starting from full ground in Kharkiv, I stubbornly went to this goal and already "groped" her ... But "they" came to Ukraine and "zdobuli" (reached) is not clear what, and it is not clear who, in general. Sales in my online store fell, costs rose. As well as increased costs for life itself by about 50% at the moment.

Cheerless times in Ukraine and even more gloomy economic prospects have forced me to look for additional sources of income, and preferably in dollars. So the source of the most familiar to me, seemed to work as a programmer. Thanks to the experience of creating websites as a typesetter and project manager, working php developer I was relatively familiar. A school knowledge of algorithms and initial ownership Pascal gave me confidence.

And so I decided to start (and it was at the beginning of June 2014). About the beginning of my training I will cover in next post.